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Without the support of my family, friends, fans, and partners, I would be playing with hot wheels instead of pursuing a career that I love. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU

I believe in win-win partnership and I am always seeking such relationship with supportive partners that share my vision. If you want to promote your products and services, I would love to become the ambassador for your business. Let's discuss how we work together and determine a set of short and long term goals for us to achieve this year and beyond. Working with you to promote and grow your brand and to support your marketing efforts is as important to me as winning championships. I promise to do all that is required to build and nurture a win-win partnership, just ask my awesone partners listed below.

Let's Work Together

Harris Hill Raceway (H2R)

Harris Hill Raceway (H2R)

H2R is my second home and family. It is where I started driving at the age of 8. If you are a track junkie looking for a home away from home, you must consider H2R. Why?

  1. H2R is the best social club for gearheads and race enthusiasts.
  2. H2R is fun, safe, and easy to learn but challenging to master. With unlimited seat time, it is where you quickly develop and improve your race craft.
  3. H2R offers the H2R Challenge Series. Not only this is the most affordable grassroots racing in the country, it is also the best series to prepare you for any motorsports racing. It is where I started my racing career. BTW, as an H2R member, you race for FREE!
  4. H2R is where you meet your life-long and best friends.

Do not just take my word for it, stop by for a 20 min visit and see it all for yourself.

I am forever greatful to Harris Hill Raceway and its leadership, Bo Rivers, Philipp Hubner, Rod Metz, and Craig Gleason for everything they have done and continue to do to help me achive my dream. Without your generous contributions of time, advice, and support, I would not have been able to start pursuing my racing career at the age of 10.


Automotive Specialist

Automotive Specialist (AutoSpec)

I can't write enough words of thanks to John Long and his AutoSpec team. John is very instrumental in me winning 3 championships by making sure my Spec Miatas are properly preped and always ready to win. To give you an idea of John's dedication, he once returned to the shop late evening to replace my transmission despite a surgery on his shoulder earlier that week. This is just one of many stories demonstrating how John takes care of you.

Ask anyone of John's customers about him and the common things you hear are: Honesty, Reliability, Talent, Dedication to Customer Satisfaction, Miata's Guru, Big Heart, and Funny Guy.

Whether it is your track or street car that needs work, John and his Automotive Specialist's team are what you need. I look forward to winning more races and championships in my AutoSpec Miata.


Sparkis Mobile Web Solutions

Sparkis Group

Sparkis is my primary partner. It is where I work as a part time graphic and web designer. Sparkis designs and develops digital products and solutions that are engineered to perform. It specializes in.

  • User Experience Research and Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Website Design and Development
  • Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Sparkis helps companies tackle complex business problems and optimize business performance through user-friendly information systems, websites, and mobile solutions.


X-Factor Racing

X-Factor Racing

Everything you read or hear about Chris Haldeman, the Spirit of Mazda winner, is true. Not only he is the best Spec Miata driver with countless poles and wins, but he is also the best Spec Miata engine builder in the country. How do I know that? I have 2 of his engines.

That is not all. Chris, owner and founder of X-Factor Racing, in the business of making racers happy on and off the track. He stays up working on everyone's car so that they are ready to race the next morning. Need help at the track? Chris is always happy to help even if you are not one of his customers.

Chris has extensive experience building Miata engines of all types. This includes NA 1.6/1.8L and 99+ 1.8L. X-Factor Racing offers a complete line of engine building services, from Cylinder Heads and Bottom ends to Complete builds. X-Factor also offers varying levels of "prep" depending on your desire for ultimate performance. You choose the performance level and they will build the engine to suit.


Tasty Placement

Tasty Placement

Tasty Placement is my social marketing partner and advisor. It has led the way in SEO and digital marketing since its founding in 2006. From its book authorship, to speaking engagements, TastyPlacement has the academic philosophy that consistently delivers results for its clients. Its SEO experts specialize in web design, search placement, social media, pay-per-click management, local maps SEO, customer conversions, and much more.


Macdaddy Service

MacDaddy Computer Services

Everyone in Austin knows that when you are stuck trying to figure out a solution to a challenging engineering problem that requires thorough analysis, thinking, creativity, and craftsmanship, you better call Joe, the walking wikipedia.

Spend 10 minutes with Joe Galletti and you will learn at least a couple of new things. Not only he is a helpful, resourceful, and a brilliant engineer, he is also a great friend. In 2012, Joe spent a week of his life custom-building a racing seat to make sure the 10 year old me was safe racing a Spec Miata. Joe continues to support my racing career by ensuring my tires and wheels are mounted and balanced before every race. This is in addition to his daily responsibilities as the founder and owner of MacDaddy Network Service.

MacDaddy Network Service has been in Austin Texas since 1995. Its techs service BOTH Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. Individuals to 100 seat server networks, with many customer references to back its reputation. 99% of its customers are by referral. MacDaddy Network Service will fix what you have and will make your systems work.


Popovich Auto Center

Popovich Auto Center

Valera Popovich makes every Miata we build look professional and beautiful. His Popovich Auto Center is a family-owned auto body and paint shop. Whether your car was involved in a major accident or its paint is fading, Popovich Auto Center has the skills, talent and expertise to handle all repairs from major collision and dent removal to bumper and frame repair and custom paint. Popovich Auto Center is a reliable and trusted shop that delivers the highest standard in body repairs at a very reasonable cost.


Gary Banks Rollcage

Gary Banks Roll Cages

I only race in a Gary Banks roll cage. PERIOD!

Why? Just checkout the roll cage in each one of my Miatas and you will understand. Not only Gary's cages are well-built to exceed SCCA and NASA' safty requirements, but they are also very comfortable. What do I mean by comfortable? Entering, exiting, and sitting in a race car with a Gary Banks cage feels like entering, exiting, and sitting in a big truck. This is because Gary uses every available 1/16 of an inch to make the cage feel invisible. This may not sound as important as safety, however, it is very important especially when you spend 2 hours endurance racing or when you need to exist a race car on fire.



My Family, Friends, and Fans

I am very lucky and greatful to have the best family and friends. Everyone in my life is doing the best he/she could to encourage and support my racing career in every way possible. They do it for no reasons other than their love and desire to see me succeed.

H2R Grandprix Participants

Thank you for your support and contribution, which enabled me to go racing with NASA at the 2017 Eastern States Championships in Sebring, Florida. It was a great race and a very memorable experience.

H2R Family

BIG thank you to Bill Hamilton for the H2R Challenge Series and to all H2R members for your support and for racing with a 10 year old. This series is the best for mastering your race craft and for meeting and making true life-long friends.

NASA Texas Family

Thank you for your support and for making it possible for a 13 year old to start racing professionally. You host the best and most fun race weekends filled with great memories.

Brianne Corn & James Wilson

Thank you for the opportunities to participate in your Texas Rallysport events at the age of 9. Brianne Corn Raceway was where I started mastering my car control skills. It is where you need to go to have an amazing time in the dirt.

Gene Bagwell

Thank you for lending me your trailer to go racing with NASA Texas, and for the delicious meals you prepare for us at H2R.

Bill Ahga

Thank you for your help building my first Spec Miata to go racing with NASA Texas, and for your continuious support and racing tips.

Jay Monkman

Thank you for building and sharing the best Chump Miata and for the opportunity to be on your racing team. I look forward to our next race.

Derek Eastty

Thank you for your contribution to the H2R Grand Prix and for your coaching on your awesome iRacing simulator.

Mom and Dad

Last but not least, thank you for all that you do and sacrifice to make racing possible and for all your support helping me start a career that I love.